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Would you like to have people talk about your brand/product? BuzzBundle will create multiple discussions in numerous
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28 September 2015

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This is a tool for creating a buzz about product or services through social media.

The main marketing plan in Internet business is to ensure prospective buyers become aware of your existence, products and services that you are trying to sell etc. One of the ways this is done is to get listed on search results. Ideally this should be high, within top ten, to appear on the first page of search results on major search engines. Another more recent way is to use the social media to create awareness of your product or services. If sufficient number of people get touched by the marketing messages, hopefully they’ll visit your site, some of them will actually buy your product or services. What is needed is to be able to send your messages to all the social networking sites. To create a buzz, sufficient number of people need to talk about your products and/or services.

This software helps create these persona on each of the sites and helps create discussions, etc. to keep the name of the product/services in front of others too to spread the message. This tool will help create personas with dozens of social accounts each at these networking sites. You would be able to create and manage official company rep for PR, your CEO, customer care, yourself and your friends, quite easily. This tool will let you employ a large number of social sites in your online strategy and help supporting the brand. All the activity can be managed from one convenient workspace. Adding new profiles or existing ones would be easy and influencing of brand reputation would be possible easily. This is a good tool for all those businessmen on the Internet.

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An important part of making your brand/product popular on the net is creating buzz about it on social networks. You can do this manually but there's definitely a limit to how much of it a person can create. BuzzBundle is a social media management tool that comes in handy here creating the entire buzz you need by means of one tool. Here's exactly what it does. BuzzBundle creates multiple profiles of different personas across almost all social networks out there. You can then create threads, spread announcements, reply to conversations on behalf of different people and create the impression your product/company is the hottest topic on the net. You can send post threads/announcements in real time or use time scheduler and have them posted on a time you choose. BuzzBundle also works from behind proxies, so that all personas you create come out with a different IP address and the buzz you create looks totally natural. BuzzBundle is a software product of Link-Assistant.Com, the company behind the famous SEO PowerSuite, the number one SEO software on the web. It has already become one of the hottest cakes of Link-Assistant.Com and definitely for a reason - this is the first software that works like a huge group of people would creating positive impression about your product/company by spreading the word in most of the social networks, collecting what has already been said and a lot more. You can even track all conversations about the brand/company of your competitor and join those if you feel like on behalf of different personas each behind a unique IP address. The great news is you can start using it now and get the world really talk about you.
BuzzBundle Professional
BuzzBundle Professional
Version 2.16
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The best social media app i`ve seen. Very handy.
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